AD Maior (Axis Design Maior s.r.l.) is born from the experience of Axis Design Studio s.r.l and from the necessity to complete the consolidated creative attitudes with an organizational and comercial structure, facing the new and increased requirements. In the course of the years we have specialized in the field of the ephemeral architectures: stands in trade fairs, special scenography for conventions, special events etc. This has challenged our team to acquire great experience and professionality, gratified with various international prizes like the "Microsoft Creative Award ' 97" for the best European arrangement and the " SMAU Prize 2003" for event setup.


Our goal is to supply a complete package that comprises the various components of the event presentation, from plan to realization, the audio/video diagram, the most appropriate and convenient plan management.


Our philosophy is always to create a plan on measure, without ever 'standardizing', adapting it to the image that the company wishes to present, its target, the product that has to be launched, in full respect of the allocated budget.


We have come this far by always using only high quality suppliers and staff, so as to obtain righteousness to the plan be it at an architectural or graphical level.


This obviously allows us to follow a limited number of customers per event, but, compared to the majority of the companies from this field, we value quality over quantity.


We follow the arrangement steps, completely managing the realization targeting a sure and satisfying result.





This is the departure point and determines the foundations of the whole plan. In this phase one puts together the meaning of the presence and the message that the company wishes to send to the public. The fundamental bases of institutional brand are learnt as are the ones relative to the valutation of eventual products; the target is aquired, the cut of the communication, the expositive requirements, the correlated necessities (hostess, audio/video, catering etc…) and the budget within one is moving.

The idea is… The confusion, the dream, the intuition, the chance, the utopy, a beautiful day, a harsh wake-up call, the inspiration, the suggestion, a song, a book, an experience… The idea is a lot more than this… and also a lot less. - The project. This is what leads us back to the truth. The reality of a world that is based on physical, moral, social laws… Everything that the imagination elevates must be subdued to these laws. The difficulty is not to distort a lot, what the fantasy has produced. Structures, materials, forms, everything must be conceived according to usability, visibility and the established budget.

This is the moment when the job must be subordinated to the customer. The modern technology of CAD helps us propose realistic images, animations, immediately comprehensible material, even by the people who are not working in this field. In this type of presentations, there are evidenced: the quality of the materials, the diagram, the ‘livability’ of the spaces. In short, a detailed forecast of the setup.

The most beautiful project in the world is useless without an accomplished realization. This is why we think it’s fundamental to have partners whose reliability and experience are crystalline. This is why the management of  suppliers and organizational members never turns out to be a problem but an opportunity. From the small trade-show booth to the great event, our engagement is to supply exactly what we have promised to the people who have believed in us!



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